Dr. Chan Wai King

Dr. Chan Wei King, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong.  She graduated from Hong Kong Ching Wah Chinese Medical Institute, qualified in acupuncture and specialist Chinese internal medicine.  She has been practicing Chinese's medicine for more than 30 years.

She was engaged in Chinese's medicine education and clinical work, was responsible for Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and professor in School of Chinese Medicine, presented Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Ching Wah Chinese Medical Institute clinic. She has appointed by Hong Kong Government several times in promoting Chinese's medicine and accreditation of academic work, was a member of Preparatory Committee on Chinese Medicine and Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong.

Dr. Chan has frequently been invited to share the professional Chinese Medicine knowledge in various government departments, such as Hospital Authority, Hong Kong Police Force Welfare, Department of Health, Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff and Cancer Centre, etc. Also, Dr. Chen has been interviewed by different local media and released articles about wellness knowledge. She always takes care the benefit of the cancer patient, has been invited to be a consultant of cancer-related associations, such as Hong Kong Pioneers Mutual Support Association Limited, Yin Hong Club, Kin Lok Club, The New Horizon Club of Hong Kong and The New Voice Club of Hong Kong, etc.

Dr. Chan does not only focus on traditional Chinese's medicine research but also publish books to promote Chinese's medicine and medication; most topics related to dieting menu for cancer patients.