Dr. Hao Wen Ping

Dr. Ha is presently appointed as the hospital consultant, physician director and the professor of Gunagdong Province Holley Group Nanhi Shi Shn Hua Li Hospital.

After graduated from The Fourth Military Medical University, he learnt Medical Psychology, Clinical Neurology and laboratory work from Professor Su Xiu of The Fourth Military Medical University and Professior Yuan Mei Jin of Beijing Medical University. He studied Traditional Chinese Medical Science, Professional Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy in Medical School and Institute of Psychology respectively. He has been learning theory and application of Yi Jing from Professor Cheng Zhen Qing of Northwest Normal University.

Memberships and Affiliations

President and Chief Physician, Department of Neurology, People's Liberation Army 473 Hospital Chief Physician of Neurology, Lanzhou Military Region General Hospital Professor of Medical Psychology, Department of Psychology, Northwest Normal University Committee Member, Psychological Assessment Committee China Association For Mental Health Committee Member, First Army Medical Psychology Professional Committee Chairman, China Gansu Professional Medical Psychology Association Committee Vice Chairman, Air Force Neuropsychiatric Committee

Dr. Hao published two monographs, involved in preparation of three monographs, published more than 40 medical articles. He used two medical articles to participant International Academic Conferences. He was awarded The Chinese Best Paper Award in 1998.